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Meet your hosts


Leanne Elliott is a Business Psychologist with fancy letters after her name and real-world experience…

Leanne is a fully-qualified Business Psychologist, with over 14 years of experience in developing high-performance cultures in leading private and public organisations, including the NHS, Department of Work & Pensions, Pinnacle People and Arielle Executive.

Leanne brings the science and best practice to each episode, drawing on her years of practical experience building outstanding cultures.



Al Elliott is definitely NOT a Business Psychologist. Instead he has real-world experience of building several businesses…

For the last 20+ years, Al (Leanne’s husband) has been an owner-leader of multiple businesses, and has vast experience in clarifying objectives and thinking creatively about processes for organisations like Salford Council & FC Utd, and has been featured on both BBC News & in the Financial Times.

Al’s job is to ensure that every episode contains practical and implementable advice that any leader can immediately use to improve their workplace.



nice things people say

Just a small selection of the lovely things people say about our podcast!

Marie Shehadi


I have to say this is truly, truly why I fell in love with your show. I found your show and could NOT stop thinking and talking about your camaraderie, warming personalities, and absolute brilliance.

Agatha Lobban


Absolutely love this podcast. Through personal anecdotes, backed facts and casual banter this podcast achieves a brilliant balance of being both extremely informative and enjoyable. I highly recommend to any HR specialists looking to up their game!

Sarah Chen-Spellings

VC, Beyond The Billion

Love how Leanne & Al masterfully blend theory and practice for actionable advice. H/T to the amount of work they continue to do for this quality production.

Nick Korte


Leanne and Al do a wonderful job with the show, and I’ve really enjoyed it. The show is well produced, brings expert advice, and the hosts ask excellent questions. Keep up the great work!

Jim Young

Men’s Burnout Coach

I love the combo of levity and gravity. Leanne and Al are masterful at bringing that into their show. They make it approachable and applicable and, yes, even fun. Highly recommend, especially for anyone (I’m looking at you, leaders) who wants to create better workplace cultures.

Lucy Mullens

Ride The Wave Coaching

Great show and a must listen for all our surfer and wider coaching community!


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Plastic toy animals where one looks different

62: From Bystander to Ally: How to Avoid DEIB Washing

Today, we’re taking our DEIB conversation to the next level. We’ll explore what it truly means to be an ally, the importance of fostering a sense of belonging, and the pitfalls of DEI washing.