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Who’s this podcast for?

Want to be a great leader? Want to learn how to build an amazing culture at work? Want your team to care as much as you do?

This is the podcast for you.

Every week, we talk about practical, science-based ways to findkeep and empower great people.

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Why bother?

If you’re a business owner or leader looking to build an enviable workplace culture where people (and businesses!) thrive, you won’t want to miss the Truth, Lies, and Workplace Culture podcast.

Simple, practical advice

With a focus on simplifying the science of people, we bring the perfect marriage of theory and practice.

The truth behind workplace culture

Every week we uncover the truth and lies about finding, keeping, and motivating great people.

World-class guests

We’re joined by some of the most respected and relevant voices in the business world.

Meet your experts

Every week we’re joined by world-class experts with the knowledge (and practical steps) to create toxic-free workplaces that nurture employee well-being and enable sustainable growth.

Leanne Elliott

Business Psychologist & co-host

Al Elliott

Business owner & co-host

Oliver Yanchov

Founder, Flight Story

JJ Peterson

Author of Storybrand book

Dr Claire Ashley

TV Doctor & burnout expert

Rita Ernst

Org psychologist & author

Ryne Sherman

Chief Science Officer, Hogan

Stephen Shortt

Family Business Expert

Stella Smith

Founder, pirkx platform

Stephen Waddington

PR & Comms expert

Rob Kalwarowsky

Leadership expert

Bonnie Low-Kramen

Author & employee expert

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Are you our next guest?

Are you an expert in people and culture? Have you got a story about scaling your teams? We want to hear from you!